USA Powerlifting at Skillcon Event at The Rio Resort in Las Vegas, NV

Battle at the Marina V
September 2nd, 2017

The 5th annual Battle at the Marina prested by Scheels and American Iron Gym will take place Saturday September, 2nd at 9am outside the main entrance of Scheels in the parking lot.  This is a non-sanctioned Strongman/woman competition will all proceeds going to fund Northern Nevada High School Weight Programs.  The events this year include, a Semi Truck Pull, Yoke Walk, Frame Carry, Viking Press, and a Car Deadlift. This is a great first time event for anyone interested in competing in Strongman/woman!  This event is free for spectators, and an entertaining event to watch for all ages
November 4th and 5th, American Iron is hosting a two meet weekend.  Saturday the 4th will be a UPA meet and Sunday the 5th will be a USPA meet.  Both events will take place in "The Venue" at American Iron Gym.  Lifting starts at 9am, and there will be a $10 entry fee for spectators. 
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September 2017
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December 2017
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