The UPA may be a new federation to many on the west coast as it was started and is primarily ran in the midwest.  It offers all of the same standard divisions, and weight classes as most federation it also allows for the use of a Monolift to squat out of, and the use of 3 meter knee wraps.
The UPA West Coast Championships will take place on March 17th, 2018.  Last years event saw some incredible numbers put up, we had 10 people squat over 600lbs!  This meet just isn't for the veteran lifter though, we also had many first timers who have gone on to compete in more contests across the country.  The atmosphere of this event is amazing.  Last year we had approximately 200 spectators in the venue all yelling and cheering for all the lifters no matter their strength level. Don't miss your chance to lift in this one of a kind event!
UPA Meet Results

West Coast Championship- 2/25/17

American Iron Championships - 11/4/17