Wellness Nutrition Assessment and Diet Program-

8 week custom click and choose nutrition program, with online access 24/7, including recommended macros and foods choices, offering daily menus and tracking ability. Individualized to you, using YOUR lean body mass, exercise type and duration, and most importantly your goals to create a successful program that is easy to follow.  Supplement recommendations are included.
The Platinum program Includes;

1. Complete Genetic testing determining your optimal diet, exercise and activity combination recommendations, vitamin and supplement genetic tendencies, and disease prevention.

2. Food Sensitivity testing, metabolic profile, Vitamin and Mineral levels, and Digestive health profile

3. Initial DEXA bodyfat.  


All programs include Diet, Weight and Bodyfat consult for 8 consecutive weeks-

After the initial assessment is evaluated,  we schedule a 1x per week follow-up in order to offer further dietary supervision and success. Self-nutritional tracking will be utilized for evaluation and education. The appointment will also include a caliper bodyfat test and weigh in.  Any needed adjustments to the diet will be made to ensure your success.



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American Iron Gym, now offers the ability to purchase genetic testing for dietary and nutritional purposes.  No more guessing what foods and macros are right for you.  Learn exactly what your body needs!


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