Weight Classes

Women's Light Weight - 135lbs and Under
Women's Middle Weight - 136lbs to 165lbs
Women's Heavy Weight - 166lbs and up
Men's Lightweight - 195lbs and under
Men's Middleweight - 196lbs to 245lbs
Men's Heavyweight - 246lbs and up

Event Weights, Times, and Distances

Truck Pull - 80' Large Pickup for girls, and a Semi Truck Tractor for the guys.

Frame Carry 160' (unlimited drops, must drop at re-pick at the turn)
Women's LW: 225lbs
Womens' MW: 250lbs
Women's HW: 275lbs
Men's LW: 375lbs
Men's MW: 425lbs
Men's HW: 500lbs

Viking Press for reps (weights approximate) As a reminder since the Viking Press works on a hinge, they are "lighter" than the weights would be on a barbell.
Women's LW: 100lbs
Women's MW: 115lbs
Women's HW: 130lbs
Men's LW: 200lbs
Men's MW: 225lbs
Men's HW: 250lbs

Yoke Walk 80'
LWW- 300
MWW- 350
HWW- 400
LWM- 500
MWM- 575
HWM- 625

Car Deadlift for reps as with the Viking Press, weights approximate and not equal to a loaded barbell.
Women's LW: 350lbs
Women's MW: 350lbs
Women's HW: 350lbs
Men's LW: 450lbs
Men's MW: 500lbs
Men's HW: 550lbs