Dustin Speed

Dustin Speed:
A nationally ranked powerlifter in 2 weight classes, Dustin is currently top 25 Nationally for Raw 275 class in powerlifting. His best competition lifts include 705.5 Squat, 470 Bench Press, and 705.5 Deadlift. Additionally Dustin has also qualified for the NAS strongman nationals 3 times in the last 4 years.
For me an exercise program is not just about getting into shape or staying in shape it’s about challenging yourself to realize gains you never thought you could achieve. It's about improving your mental health by releasing endorphins and relieving stress. But most of all it should be fun.

I have over 20 years in the field of exercise and fitness. In 2004 I competed in the Nevada State Body Building competition. Exercise is not just something I "do" it's a way of life for me. Over the years I have faced challenges to my workout program due to sports related injuries. In working with personal trainers and medical professionals I have learned how to modify an exercise program to work through injuries as well as teach people how to use perfect form, while exercising, to prevent future injuries.

I hope to impart, to the people that I work with, the same energy and enthusiasm to a fitness lifestyle that I enjoy

Dustin Speed instructs the following:
  • Athletic Group Training
  • If you are looking at a way to get high level coaching and instruction at a lower cost this training is for you.  You have the basics down, your a competitive athlete and need some strength coaching and training.  
    Your program will be individualized to you yet you will train within a group of other driven athletes.